GMO Science Takes a Blow as Studies Are Retracted

Seriously, read your labels!!

Leading GMO industry scientist caught red handed shilling for GMO’s. Her studies are the ‘gold standard’ that over 100 GMO’s are ‘safe’ based their conclusions on. In short, GMO’s make your stomach explode and causes cancerous tumors and scientists can be paid to shape a positive outcome in any study.

By Dr. Mercola

The pesticide producers are one of the most powerful industries on the planet, the influence they possess is enormous. You have probably heard that an Elsevier journal has retracted the Seralini study which showed evidence of harm to rats fed a GMO diet, despite admitting they found no fraud or errors in the study.

This journal had also just recently appointed an ex-Monsanto employee as an editor – one could only guess the value of this strategy for the pesticide industry. Expect Seralini to sue as this story develops, as it appears he has a very strong…

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Shove Your Three-Fold Somewhere Else

Seriously! If it weren’t for the different user name, I could swear I wrote this LOL



I have a serious bone to pick with Wiccans, and those who won’t fess up to being Wiccans but are the first ones to jump up another witch’s belfry and give them a verbal lashing about the Three-Fold Law (that the Wiccans follow) or when called out on it, who then cop out by hiding behind “Karma”.


I’m typically the first one to referee in a situation like this, when a couple or group of witch’s go at it and say, “Hey! Can’t we all just get along?” But I do see the dilemma. It’s damned nearly impossible for a group of Traditional Witches and a group of Wiccans to live in harmony. Why?

Because Traditional Witches don’t appreciate being scolded like children. Plain and simple.

It doesn’t really matter that our beliefs are different. We can agree to disagree on all that, or we can even compare notes…

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A prayer for Ukraine

Chant for the good of all. Or pray, meditate, whatever it is you do, do so. 🙂



My grandma was Ukrainian. My granddad was Russian. They lived happily in Ukraine all their life and are now both resting in peace next to each other…

What is happening in Ukraine now is not as simple as a pro-Western faction of residents protesting a unilateral decision to pull away from deeper EU integration made by a democratically elected government. There’s much more to the story.

While a few experts are trying to put the story straight in Ukraine from the geopolitical perspective, propaganda machines is busily working on all sides, manipulating public perception. Similar to the media coverage of the conflict in Afghanistan in 1984-1986 , the story gets twisted by the media machines in support of a certain agenda.


From When the Media Chooses the Side

As Neil Clark points out in his article Ukraine & EU: Why some protestors are more equal than others, “leading…

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The Bad Words We Are Teaching Our Children

A Morning Grouch

Our words matter.  As parents, we know we are responsible for teaching our children how to respect themselves and others, and that our words help shape their life-long inner dialogue. Some of the “bad” words we try to shield our children from at an early age are obvious, such as swear words or hate speech or rude, nasty comments.  We would never purposefully and passionately teach young, impressionable minds words like, shi*t, a**hole or *n*gger, or phrases such as, “you’re stupid” or “I hate you“.  Even if we know they’ll hear those words eventually, we shield them while we can since those aren’t the kind of harmful messages we want to promote.

But some bad words are hidden.  Some words are so entrenched within our society that they are glossed over and appear seemingly benign, even though they are stealthily destructive and dangerous.  So, besides holding…

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Sci-Fi Horror vs. Ghost Stories

It occurs to me recently, why I prefer Sci-Fi over many a thing. I’m a huge movie junkie, but I’ve always leaned more toward sci-fi/sci-fi Horror over any other; I can sleep easier after watching them.
If I watch something, oh, like An American Haunting, I’m not gonna sleep so well. Why you may ask? Plainly put, I’ve experienced hauntings. Not of the uber negative, poltergeisty variety (knock on wood), but enough that I believe in it all. I believe in aliens and all manner of sci-fi creatures too, but seeing as I’ve never met The Predator in the flesh per say, I can handle them better. My brain stops when I tell it to; not so with the ghost stories and the like; it’s too busy remembering.
We were watching a show like that not too long ago, witnesses recounting their experiences. I think it was called A Haunting, but I’m not even remotely sure on that.
During a recounting, as we’re all sitting in our living room, I’m on my phone (of course), not paying too much attention, when I hear a line spoken on the TV. I can’t remember what was said, but I look over at my boyfriend and say, ‘I don’t know why, but that right there is making me sick to my stomach’, then the woman on the TV says she was sick to her stomach the entire encounter. This freaked him out a little bit, for me, it’s business as usual. He’s not turned on another one of those shows since.

I know the difference between sensationalized stories and the real deal.

Therein lies the problem. I know the difference between real and imagined, but how to explain that to someone who may think I’m nuts? Answer: I don’t bother. I’ll recount stories, but I won’t tell someone when they have a hitch hiker, unless they ask.

It’s simple really, some people carry entities, some don’t. There’s no perfected formulae to be able to metaphysically tell the difference of whether you are susceptible or not.
If you go some where haunted, best be takin’ some kind a juju with ya when ya go. Even if you just grab a bracelet and -think- ‘nothing can attach itself to me while I wear it’, that’s enough. If you’re the type for Ritual, by all means, Call your Corners, make a chant: but for the sake of the gods, protect yourself.

We’re not all ‘nutters’ here.
We have very real experiences which lead us to believe and feel what we believe and feel.

So, therein is why I like sci-fi better; because it doesn’t remind me of being woken up by a deck of cards falling on my head, from the spirit of a grandfather who used to play rummy with his granddaughter. This was back when I was a teenager, and Ma just couldn’t pass up this nearly perfect looking rocking chair. After that experience, and she figured out it wasn’t my sister, seeing as how my sister stayed at a friend’s that particular night (unbeknownst to me), out went the chair.
Or the time I was scared witless, standing at my kitchen sink doing dishes at the age of seven, staring out, and seeing something so bad, I screamed like I was being murdered. Woke my dad out of his well known dead sleep nap enough to come running. I still couldn’t tell you to this day what I saw, but I know it wasn’t remotely positive. I also know it wasn’t a fertile imagination, I was oddly quite realistic for seven. There’s any number of others I can recall, but those two will do for examples.

And that brings me to last night. I was lying down trying to sleep, when I feel Sylvia (my black cat) put his paws up next to where my head’s laying. I’m waiting for him to jump up, nothing. So, I open my eyes to tell him to hop on up: he’s not there. I look down my body, where my two females are laying, and they’re both staring where I’m staring, like they can see what I can’t. Our fourth cat, (Butters), sleeping, pops his head up, and comes to sit next to me, also staring at something that just happens to be the same fixed point the other two are eye balling.

I can feel something, but I don’t know what. I decide I need to find Sylvia, ya know, maybe he was there and my other three cats are just simultaneously nutter. Phone in hand, I head to my daughter’s room, where he’s sitting at her feet and is obviously being vigilant in that, One: I didn’t get my usual meow in greeting, and Two: This cat never doesn’t meow unless something odd is up, usually of the metaphysical variety. You’d think he was Siamese he’s such a talker if it weren’t for his midnight black coat.
At this point, I return to the living room, where the other three cats are now following something with their eyes around the room. I tell it that it needs to go, it’s not welcomed here, and I’m sorry if I inadvertantly invited it (though I’m pretty damned certain I haven’t, I’m not an inviter, I’m usually an invitee).
It was just weird.
If you understood just how strange shit has to get to be weird to me, you’d understand just how disturbing this was.

On the end of that proclamation, I hear nothing, not even the wind that’s been gusting all night, and the cats go back to business as usual.

Just. Friggin. Weird.

I got to sleep right after this, nearly as soon as my head hit the pillow; but I wonder if this was why I couldn’t sleep last night until after this all went down. Sometimes an innate ability isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, because you don’t know it’s an ability, it’s just how it’s always been for you; therefore it takes longer to harness or control. Whatever any of that was, I’ll pass on a repeat performance, thank you very much. Running into stuff where ever I may go is fine and dandy, but my home is my home and that’s just that.

Anything odd happening to any of ya’ll lately? Past experiences? Something ongoing? By all means, share your experiences, I like to read them. 🙂

I Will…..


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I will release my “broken” past, to rebuild and possess my future.
I will forgive myself for any personal slights; real or imagined.
I will own Me, Myself, and I.
I will embrace and celebrate Me.
I will leave self doubt behind as I am reborn. As I am reborn this night, I will remember all my ancestors have passed to me.
I will remember I am Chosen.
I will hear Them when they speak to me beside still waters, just as I will hear them through the cacophony that is Life.
I will embrace and thrive in Chaos; and see the beauty in the Dark, as well as the Light.
My shadow may seem to leave me in the Darkness; but it is my most willing companion and will see me through to the Light.
As with our Magick, lack of physical sight does not void existence, nor an Entity’s validity.

Shadow of My Shadow, light of My Light.
The Ancients are with me in this Magickal rite.

As I Will It
So Mote It Be

Is Money Spiritual?

Abundance is what you make it. There is no need to “just get by” to honor your spirituality/ religion.

Happy Imbolc

Happy Imbolc to everyone. Hope you enjoy the post.


Is Money Spiritual?

Have you heard in some form that “money is not spiritual”?

Some of us have heard a misquote that goes “Money is the root of all evil.”

(Actually, the correct quote is: “The love of money is the root of all evil.”)

There’s a real problem: ignoring money or actually looking down on having money causes unhappiness. Some say that having denial about money issues causes many people to end up poor and unable to take care of their own basic needs.

In Wicca we know our Gods want us to be happy. With this as true, does it make sense that our lacking money is what they want? No.  Now I’m not saying you need to be making buckets of money or that it’s necessary to have a whole lot more than you need.


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Dress Shopping: when ya go with the right bitches: Smooth Sailin


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Well, dress shopping went well, phew! Lol I’m the one in the green, (I’m sorry, Clover lol) which is going to be the color of all the brides maids dresses, and my daughter is on the left, well, to My right haha. My Zoey Lynne. 🙂  So, now you have a face to your OddGirlNextDoor. I normally wouldn’t do so, but I’m hiding it seems, and that’s completely and utterly against my nature. I’ll likely be taking some blog posts down. Last thing I want is someone who does know me finding this and saying something about my other posts, even if they are true. Their opinion doesn’t matter, the damage they can do with that opinion is drama I don’t want/need/will tolerate.
To those that have read my raw writing, I’m not stopping, and I’m not going to edit myself; but some were written in anger, and I need to let that go, put it to rest, and move on. Sometimes ya just gotta puncture the wound and let it bleed, so I did. So I’ll be changing my About as well I’m sure. This started out as a personal journal, I didn’t plan on making friends, or finding empathetic ears/eyes for my harsh words and feelings to land on in understanding and acceptance from those who’ve read them.
So a thank you to my fellow bloggers: those who spoke with me, and those who helped without even realizing you’ve done so. 🙂

Frugality for happiness, contentment and liberty


“Frugality is one of the most beautiful and joyful words in the English language, and yet one that we are culturally cut off from understanding and enjoying. The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things.”

Elise Boulding

from I’m a Frugal Girl

One of my favorite words is frugality – a psychological trait shaping how resources are allocated between consumption, savings and investment over time. As it is pointed out in the ‘Essays on Management’, frugality lies at the heart of good household, business and organisational management. Frugality however should not to be confused with selfishness or “meanness.” Frugality requires a mind-set limiting small pleasures today with a focus on a better future. It implies an eye for micro-detail where decisions to save, conserve or consume matter. It implies observations of both social complexity…

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