It is that time of year; rest, rejuvenate, reflect šŸŒŸ

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A lot has been up in the air for me lately. This is the time of year that the world prepares to take a break. The cooler weather brings with it a time where all the plants and animals prepare to hunker down and rest for the winter.

While the natural world prepares to shut down I find this is a perfect time to reflect on what is going on in my life. It is a good time to examine where I am, where I want to be and how I can get there.

As things are changing and upheaval seems likely I have to take the time to determine what my next step will be. I have made a lot of changes in the last year and that has lined me up for what I am facing now.

I published my series a little over a year ago. Iā€¦

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