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Well, here I am, finally. It’s been a long while, and my hand hurts from writing instead of typing. Most online interactions are via phone, and that’s not easy, nor is typing on this nextbook keyboard lol

It’s the season of change, the year of abundance, and it’s time, my friends.

It’s time to Rise and Shine like the Phoenix you Are.

It’s time to Awaken, and to self empower, and claim that which is rightfully yours.

Been allowing someone to take advantage? You don’t have to be a door mat to be nice. Givers must set the boundary and limits, for the Users never will. They will take much more than your time. They’ll find insidious ways of draining you of energy, time, and yes, that Moxy that gives our kind the energy, authority, and mysticism that comes with the practice. That’s right, Witch Craft. Thought forms. Sigils. Servitors. Poppets. Herbal Alchemy. Alchemy. Magic.


That for which we are the Channel and not the Source. Whatever your main path and following, there is I believe one thing, at least I like to think, that we all have in common; the wish to feel and be worthy. To feel empowered, bold, and ourselves. Freely.

I have been working on many different workings, because I believe we’ve come to be in the Age of Abundance. I’m not just talking money either, though economically I know it looks bad; but what if abundance isn’t just about monetary value? What if abundance isn’t so much of having a lot of something, but how you utilize your resources? I’ve come to find, for me, that focusing on the Solution to the problem, instead of the problem of the Problem, Is the Solution.

What’s the old saying? Please, seriously correct me if I’m wrong, it’s been a coon’s age and I don’t always remember correctly lol, anyway: “The problem isn’t the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.”? I’ve learned that I am a powerful witch in my own right, not for bragging rights, but because I have learned to be a little more confident, and this is one of my stipulations; I give credit where it is due, especially to myself. I spent a lot of my life repeating what I was told, “it’s never good enough, no effort is too large, if you love them you’ll figure it out”. Not anymore.

No one, and I mean *no one*, should ever expect you to be unhappy for their happiness. That is just wrong on so many friggin levels, it’s not even funny. But people get away with this crap, abusing any kindness until it becomes a duty and an obligation, that they expect you to meet, regardless what you have going on in your own life.

My advice: put their name on paper, dampen with water, and stick those bitches in the freezer. This doesn’t cause them harm, but does freeze the negative effects and the havoc they try to wreak in retaliation. You should never have to explain yourself, for anything, unless you volunteer info, it is none of anyone else’s business why you said no. I’ve come to notice, not only do people over explain, *a lot*, they fully expect to inject themselves into your life, and drop footnotes like it’s their friggin business. Strangers, friends, family, doesn’t matter. Users are users. You can love family and still not deal with the junk they try to carry with them.

Drop it all and let it go. Make it a talisman and bury it outside. Better yet, make a growable mojo bag, where you do a spell dropping dead weight, the things holding you back, and add plant seeds; you’ve successfully released the problem to be transmuted by earth energies (burying), and added a boost to your New Intention (growing) As the plant grows, so too will your Momentum, Desire, and Stamina to grow, learn, and rise above. I hope I didn’t leave anything hanging, if there are any readers; apologies. ^_^ lol