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Well, I’m finally back. I’m not sure anyone missed me, but that’s okay. 🙂

For my birthday this year (I’ll let y’all guess at that one. *wink wink), I got my lil tattoo I wanted, and also my Halloween Oracles. I’d been salivating over this deck for a few months, and reserved myself a deck ahead of time with a $5 layaway. Luckily, she held it for me. Last I knew she was down to one deck, but I get the feeling it’s likely gone to its final owner, seeing as how she can’t seem to get anymore from lewellyn. By the by, these cards are something! I’ve always been of a firm belief that, in owning cards, you cannot read for yourself. I believed, and most often I was right, that the cards either couldn’t show you, or you couldn’t see. I kept insisting on this even when Pandora (my local witch shop owner, mentor, and friend) was telling me different.

So, when I got these cards, I decided to give it a go with an easy three card spread.


And everything I have EVER believed about personal readings for thyself was blown the fuck away.

These cards told me, in no uncertain terms, exactly what I needed to know. It. Was. Amazing. It all wasn’t what I thought I Wanted to know; but it was what I Needed. In-cred-ible. Period.


The reason for this particular blog is………..drum roll please!…….


Free three card reading anyone?

In the reading, three cards are drawn (obviously), but in each there is meaning. #1 will reveal the heart of the problem/issue at hand. #2 The Challenge, and #3 The Solution.

If you’re interested, please comment below. It doesn’t have to be your question. We will set aside a mutual time, that you will project your question, and I will draw the cards. If you’d prefer your card spread stay personal, let me know. I will activate comment moderation in which you put down your email, and I use it to send results only. I will not use someone’s email for marketing purposes, ever. Unless you specifically request a service from from me, that will be the only contact we have. After obtaining email, I will delete comment during moderation. If it’s all the same to you, I will post reading in replies. After all, this is your reading. No one can really know what it particularly pertains to anyway. Only you will, in being the only one who knows what the hell the question was to begin with. 😉


Feel free to reblog, with the stipulation if wanting a card reading, to please post to original.

May the gods find you in good times and bring you happy tidings!

As Above and So Below.

So Be It!