Seriously, read your labels!!

Leading GMO industry scientist caught red handed shilling for GMO’s. Her studies are the ‘gold standard’ that over 100 GMO’s are ‘safe’ based their conclusions on. In short, GMO’s make your stomach explode and causes cancerous tumors and scientists can be paid to shape a positive outcome in any study.

By Dr. Mercola

The pesticide producers are one of the most powerful industries on the planet, the influence they possess is enormous. You have probably heard that an Elsevier journal has retracted the Seralini study which showed evidence of harm to rats fed a GMO diet, despite admitting they found no fraud or errors in the study.

This journal had also just recently appointed an ex-Monsanto employee as an editor – one could only guess the value of this strategy for the pesticide industry. Expect Seralini to sue as this story develops, as it appears he has a very strong…

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