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I will release my “broken” past, to rebuild and possess my future.
I will forgive myself for any personal slights; real or imagined.
I will own Me, Myself, and I.
I will embrace and celebrate Me.
I will leave self doubt behind as I am reborn. As I am reborn this night, I will remember all my ancestors have passed to me.
I will remember I am Chosen.
I will hear Them when they speak to me beside still waters, just as I will hear them through the cacophony that is Life.
I will embrace and thrive in Chaos; and see the beauty in the Dark, as well as the Light.
My shadow may seem to leave me in the Darkness; but it is my most willing companion and will see me through to the Light.
As with our Magick, lack of physical sight does not void existence, nor an Entity’s validity.

Shadow of My Shadow, light of My Light.
The Ancients are with me in this Magickal rite.

As I Will It
So Mote It Be