Follow your spirit, not someone else’s…..

Tales of an Insane Spiritual Eclectic

“You’re not a real witch if you’re not born from a family of witches”

“You’re not a real witch unless you’re female.”

“You’re not a real witch if you don’t follow these traditions”

“You’re not a real witch if you don’t adhere to the rede”

“You’re not a real witch….”

Hey, lovely people. You have the right to your well profound opinion. You also have the right to take that opinion and shove it up your ass too.

I’m sick and tired of this whole, “Let’s define a real witch!” bull shit. Which half of everything I’ve been reading is only describing one point of view based on that said person’s path. Seriously, is there any real way to define what a real witch is?

The last I’ve checked, Witches can be male or female. Witches can go by other titles such such as Sorcerer/ess, Warlock*, Cunning Person, Druid, Shaman…

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