New to the craft or maybe stuck in a rut? Read on. From: witchesbrew

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Spell writing is an art.  It takes a little practice, planning, and consideration.  For people new to the Craft, the abundant resources online and in books can seem a little daunting.  For people well versed in magical ways, sometimes we develop ruts and lose a little creative mojo by doing the same types of spells all of the time.  So for all you new and seasoned spell casters, here are a few steps to assist in your magical workings.

  • Have You Considered All Your Options?: Yes magic is lovely.  But it is not always necessary.  Make sure you have explored all aspects of the situation.  This is especially true when the action affects others.  Sometimes a simple conversation solves all the problems.
  • Refine Your Need: Be really specific in what you want.  Let’s say you need a new job.  Don’t be general and do a spell for a job.  Make…

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