That is so sad. This poor puppy!

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Support the Golden Retriever mix who is in dire straits in San Antonio.

Accused of attacking and injuring a child – although there is a witness that supports Buddy’s owner’s account that the dog was provoked.

This happened in November.

Buddy, who normally leashed up and walked his elderly owner Homer Mojicas (83 yrs) several times a day and enjoyed watching TV in the afternoons, was torn from his happy life and has been crammed in a tiny cell.

His attorney is asking the confused and depressed dog be transferred to a location where his family can visit.

It would make a huge difference to both dog and his very old owners.

They haven’t seen each other for 2 months.

His supporters are planning a “Protest to Free Buddy from the Brooks Hell Hole”

January 18, 2014. (Noon-4pm)

Alamo Plaza.(Alamo. A bit of a symbol there…Media, take notice?)

Wear red. Bring…

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