Beware The Fluffy Bunny!

What is a Fluffy Bunny Pagan?

Patti Wigington defines a “Fluffy Bunny” as: “In general, ‘fluffy bunny,’ or ‘fluffbunny,’ is a derogatory term used to apply to members of the Pagan community who (1) insist that they know everything they need to know, (2) often make blanket statements about what ‘real Pagans’ do and don’t do, and (3) flat-out refuse to acknowledge that people who think differently from them can be Pagan, too.”

If someone thinks they know everything they need to know, they can make serious mistakes. Such arrogance can lead to physical danger. For example, I once read a book that talked about grinding certain stones, putting them in water and drinking the water. Do NOT do this! The rocks may contain traces of harmful compounds like arsenic or other poisonous substances.

Further, grinding stones with a high silicon composition is like grinding up…

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