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I’ve been attracted to reading a lot of different blogs lately, all of which are pretty awesome (let’s face it, I have great taste!) and all have interesting views, points, perspectives, poetry, autobiographies, and all other such we’re compelled to write. Many are inspiring and scary, heart warming and heart wrenching. What do all of these have in common? Well, aside from a discerning reader (I’m vain, so shoot me haha!), they have soul. They all have a piece of the writer in them, and this is what makes them genuine. People pray to whatever deity that is theirs, and that’s alright. I sing and dance to mine. I LIVE for it everyday, because  I have been blessed with this life (don’t get me wrong, I will bitch, as I’m wont to do). To not live it would be an insult, to that which is Divine, and to myself.

I see sad stories all the time of this reigion or that, this spiritual belief or that, condemning an individual for what are very personal choices; some of which aren’t choices to begin with. It makes me sad. Why must one go through another to see or hear the Divine?? I’m not knocking a temple or church, they make sense for some in allowing for connections and a sense of community. What I dislike of such places is when they damn people for being themselves. I try to understand, but so far no luck. The way I see it is: we all carry within us a true Spark of the Divine. That which is your god, source, what you wish to call it. Atheists too, whether they believe as I do or not, I respect them. I still believe they have a spark of Divine, we all do. Every single organism on this Earth does: to me. I’ve been a Witch for 20 years, I see Divinity everyday, and yes, even on days when I bitch. I know these are lessons, no one said I have to like them. And yes, I’m literally laughing out loud at that, because it’s my divine right to bitch if I want to haha! What is not my divine right is to tell another they are less because they are different. To do so is the highest form of disrespect one being can cause to another.

We are all a spark of divinity. We all have something to do here. Call it Fate, Destiny, God’s Will if you wish, Hell, call it consequence, it’s your right! The only way it’s taken away from you is if you allow it. As much as I don’t like to admit it, it’s the truth. We are all responsible for what happens to us from others. Attacks and natural disasters not withstanding. I believe we can manifest that which we need, not necessarily what we desire; and people most often become confused by this. Because the world has taught us-‘You want it, it belongs to you-right now!’

Where did the lust for life go?

The anticipation of the changes life would throw at us, and we’d throw back going, “Ha! Is that all you’ve got?!?!?!”

We got lost in ads telling us we’re not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, fit enough, cute enough, healthy enough; where does it end? Where do we stop letting others tell us who we are?

*******Here, now, in this moment.*********

You are enough.
You are gorgeous, smart, unbelievably perfect in every single one of your imperfections; they are what make you {YOU} after all.
No one can take that from you, unless you let them.
Don’t let someone try to snuff your spark. It’s you, and some times that’s all you’ve got, and that’s okay; some times, that is all you NEED.