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I decided to do a search of tags for Witch, seeing as I am one and have been for 20 years I was curious to see what I’d find. I happened to find this, and I’d like to give it a go myself. It should be interesting answering as I didn’t pick up a book or tools until five years ago. I think this just goes to show that even without the Tools of the Trade, one can be what they wish so long as it’s from within.


  1. What Do You Call Yourself?: A Witch
  2. Using Common Terms, Describe Your Path: Solitary, some wicca, paganism, shamanism, Egyptian influence has always fascinated 
  3. Do You Draw from a Particular Path, Not Your Own, Frequently?: I draw from many others. Whatever lesson there may be from whichever religion path, if it calls to me, I keep it.
  4. Any Path Intimidate You?: None. I feel intimidation allows for negative internal dialogue. This is my life, and in my belief I can make it any and all things I wish it to be.
  5. Favorite Herb: White Sage
  6. Favorite Gemstone: Labradorite
  7. Favorite Divination Tool: Tarot
  8. Favorite Tools: Myself really. I started without Ritual, I’ll likely end without it ^_^
  9. Favorite Sabat: Samhain, it’s my New Year personally. It is my time to thank my ancestors and begin my year anew from the pieces of the year before it. Trick or Treating with my daughter on said night is an added bonus, she Loves it lol
  10. Favorite Season: It used to be fall, due to recent chronic illness, Summer suits much better 
  11. Favorite Pagan Book: Any Scott Cunningham books, particularly my go tos: Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic, and Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
  12. Favorite Book with Pagan Themes: Magic in the Blood by Silvia Violet, also Time Raiders by P.C. Cast
  13. Favorite Myth: I have to pick just one? It can’t be done! LOL
  14. Patron God/dess: Recently considering Bast, 
  15. Other Aligned Deities: Hecate, Isis, Diana, Persephone, 
  16. Favorite ‘Pagan’ Saying: “Do no Harm: but take no sh*t” I believe it’s fairly new 🙂
  17. Most Commonly Used Offering: My energy back into Earth for healing.
  18. Believe in the Rede?: Only in that it is geared toward protecting those who are  “nulls” (having no magickal ability whatsoever) from those who would use it against said Null’s free will.
  19. Meditate?: Everyday
  20. Magic?: Is there ever a moment lacking magick? 
  21. If Yes to 20, Dark Witchcraft, Light Witchcraft, or In-between?:Grey, because there must be balance in all things. We’re only human at this juncture after all, we’re not meant to know it all right off.
  22. In or Out of the Broomcloset?: I was in for the first ten years, been out for ten. There’s still mixed feelings.
  23. Solitary or Coven Member: Solitary
  24. What Forms of Social Media Do You Use as a Pagan?:Facebook mainly, have tried other sites with negative results. Apparently I don’t take kindly to being told I’m not a “Real Witch” without their initiation. It was adorable ^_^
  25. If I Wasn’t Pagan/Wiccan, I Would Be…: a Humanist. <<—I’m going with that one since that’s correct-Oddgirl 🙂

© Ariadne Woods